Head Director: Susie Jaksik


Hey, Band!  (Hey, what?)  BAND ROCKS!!!

I’m Ms. Jaksik,  (say jassik) and I REALLY  can’t wait to work and play together in band this year!  I teach the clarinet and flute/double reed classes  at B.T. Wilson.  At  Hal Peterson Middle School, I direct the Spike, Blue, and Gold bands.  

 I started playing clarinet in the 7th grade a loooong time ago!  I had the choice of a clarinet or a bike.  I eventually got a bike, but I was in a hurry to learn the clarinet!

I listen to satellite radio, because I’m a channel surfer – I like lots of different kinds of music.  I have three awesome kids – one’s a vineyard manager, one’s a psychologist, and one is working in Yosemite National Park.  

We’re going to have an amaaaaazing year together in band!  See you soon!


Assistant Director: Christin McAlister

 Howdy! I'm Ms. McAlister, and I am very excited to get to work with all of you this year! I teach the Blue Band at HPMS, the beginning brass at BT Wilson, and the Tivy HS Marching Band.

My main instrument is the Trumpet, which I started playing in seventh grade. I've played in all kinds of ensembles, including Concert Bands, Jazz, Salsa, Orchestra, Marching Bands, and Drum and Bugle Corps.

In my free time I like to watch Netflix, ride my bicycle, scrapbook, and play my trumpet. Yes, band directors have to practice too!

I can't wait to start, we are going to have an awesome band program this year!